The NECC EMS Feedback Study

Description of Study: The NECC EMS Feedback Study is interested in refining feedback loops between hospitals and their
Emergency Medical Service (EMS) partners that bring stroke patients to their hospital. The objective of this study is to
investigate the impact these feedback loops have on the following stroke systems of care aspects: pre‐hospital QA/QI,
in‐hospital stroke team processes and patient outcomes. This study aims to collect pre‐hospital data, in‐hospital data
and qualitative feedback via a one‐page form linking to hospital’s GWTG‐Stroke data. Resulting aggregate data and best
practice strategies will be shared among study participants.

Project Requirements:

  1. Designated stroke team member to complete EMS Feedback Form and collect data in the GWTG‐Stroke PMT
  2. Currently use GWTG‐Stroke and have entered at least six months of data prior to March 1st 2015
  3. Currently not using another feedback form or other formal feedback mechanism (e.g. EMS Feedback Letter)

Implementation of EMS Stroke Feedback Form:

Proposed Length of Study:

  • March 1st 2015‐Feburary 29th 2016.


Feedback Form completed on all patients who arrived by EMS:

  • REQUIRED: Acute stroke patients (patients presenting to the hospital within 3.5 hours of Last Known Well Time)
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Patients suspected of having a stroke by EMS (Defined by a positive national recognized pre‐hospital stroke scale, an EMS pre‐notification defined by your hospital’s local stroke protocol, and/or hospital’s stroke team activated)

Data Collection:

  • Data elements that are collected in the form will also be collected in GWTG‐Stroke Patient Management Tool (PMT)
  • Definitions of data elements are attached to the feedback form for reference
  • Two data elements (Pre‐hospital stroke screened performed and Last known well date/time documented by EMS) will be collected in the EMS Form Tab in the PMT
  • Three data elements (Pre‐Activation of Stroke Team Pre‐Hospital Diagnosis, and ED Disposition Diagnosis) will be collected in the Optional Fields Tab of the PMT

*See appended list of data elements that are required to be collected in the GWTG‐Stroke PMT

Transmission of Form back to EMS:

  • When feedback form is complete, hospital will send form back to the appropriate EMS provider. (Please note this is not a HIPAA violation).
  • We recommend sending them back to the EMS provider on a bi‐weekly basis depending on volume

Next Steps: Please review the above requirements and parameters of study. Email to
confirm participation. We will then email a brief hospital questionnaire and attestation to confirm participation in the

Please confirm your hospital’s participation February 16th 2015. Study will begin with March 1st 2015 Discharges.

Please contact Fabienne McClellan, at or 212‐878‐5955 with any questions or concerns.

*Appendix: List of data elements that are required to be collected in GWTG‐Stroke PMT

Standard GWTG‐Stroke Tool

  • Advanced Pre‐notification
  • Last Known Well Documented by Hospital
  • Brain Image Completed
  • IV‐tPA Administered
  • Patient Diagnosis
  • Discharge Disposition

EMS Form Special Initiatives Tab

  • Pre‐Hospital Stroke Screen Performed (Yes/No)
  • Last Known Well Documented by EMS

Optional Fields Tab

  • Pre‐Hospital Diagnosis
  • ED Disposition Diagnosis
  • Pre‐Activation of Stroke Team (For NYS Hospitals, this element will be in the “Special Initiatives” Tab)
January 28th Recruitment Call
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