New Hampshire Stroke Collaborative


  1. We will develop an interdisciplinary stroke system of care with the goals of: 1) Increasing stroke awareness in the community 2) Preventing Stroke and its complications 3) Improving the quality and coordination of stroke care across the continuum 4) Empowering stroke patients and their families to attain maximal quality of life
  2. We will serve as content experts on stroke prevention, treatment and recovery and provide support to patients, families and healthcare providers
  3. We will promote the development of a voluntary and inclusive stroke system of care that will foster respectful, trusting relationships
  4. We believe in innovation, collaboration, and locally implemented evidence-based approaches to improve quality and value in the stroke system

Dear Colleagues:

Please consider joining our collaborative and specifically, one of our 3 work groups focusing on the different phases of stroke care.  We need people from a variety of backgrounds to be involved in this work, either as a regular meeting participant or as an “expert” that we consult with from time to time.  Even if you are unable to join in this capacity, we’d like to know if you would like more information or just to be kept “in the loop” periodically with updates. If you are not from Hew Hampshire but have good documents to share that we might include in our document library, please send to the appropriate contact below.

For those of you at NH hospitals, we are setting up visits with individual hospitals; let’s find out where our group can assist you in improving stroke care AND where you can give us ideas to be more effective!

Be one of New Hampshire’s “stroke zealots” and contact us by phone or e-mail soon.

Christina Swanberry
Susan Barnard
Medical Director:
Timothy Lukovits, MD

Primary Prevention/Community Education
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Prevention/Community Education
Stroke Risk Quiz
Lia Baroody
Nancy Vaughan

Prehospital and Acute
Document Library
Vicki Blanchard
New Hampshire Bureau of EMS
Timothy Lukovits, M.D.
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center