2015 Posters

Benefits of Overground Bionic Ambulation in an Individual with Stroke: A Case Study
Erin Lampron, PT, MSPT, NCS
Erika Ozdemirer, PT, DPT, NCS
Alyse Sicklick, MD
Stephanie Zanvettor, MSPT

Changing the Inpatient “Brain Attack” to “Code Stroke” More Than a New Name
Kimberly D. Hollender, MSN, APN, CCRN, ANCP-BC
Deborah Lord BSN, RN, SCRN

Community Stroke Education Practices Among New York State Designated Stroke Centers: The Need for State Guidelines
Ellyn Leighton-Herrmann, PhD
Anna Colello, Esq.
Crismely Perdomo, MSN, RN-BC
Mindy Hecht, MPH
Ji Chong, MD
Daniel Labovitz, MD
Bill Thompsen
Tiana Wyrick, RN
Olajide Williams, MD

Developing Hospital-Specific Risk Adjusted Rates of Stroke Mortality to Support Quality Initiatives in New York
Tatiana Ledneva, MS
Anna Colello, Esq.
Ian Brissette, PhD
Mary Beth Conroy, MPH
Foster Gesten, MD
Patrick Roohan, MS

Effect of a Rapid Protocol-based TIA Management Pathway
Susann J. Jarhult
Yuchiao Chang
Ben White
Melissa L. Howell
Mary Amatangelo
David F. Brown
Aneesh Singhal
Lee H. Schwamm
Joshua N. Goldstein
Scott Silverman

Making Sense of Inpatient Hospital Mortality Rates: The Added Value of a Detailed Clinical Case Review
Timothy G. Lukovits, MD
Diana Rojas-Soto, MD
Patrick M. Chen, BA

Measuring Impact of Pharmacist Intervention in Acute Stroke Management by Preparing rtPA in the Emergency Department
Jennifer Sposito RN-BSN
Sanjay Mittal, MD
Kathleen Coyne RN-BSN
Allison Dias Pharm.D

Rapid E-mail Feedback After Thrombolysis at an Academic Center In New York City
Sara K. Rostanski, MD
Crismely Perdomo, MSN
Vepuka Kauari, MSN
Olajide Williams, MD
Joshua Stillman, MD

Results of the New York City Stroke Task Force Emergency Medical Services Stroke Prenotification Survey
Kathryn F. Kirchoff-Torres, MS
Fabienne McClellan, MPH
Daniel L. Labovitz, MD
Samantha A. Johnson, MPH
Dana Leifer, MD, FAHA

TeleStroke Network in Maine: A Statewide System of Care and Collaboration for Acute Stroke Patients
Tho H. Ngo
Jane G. Morris
Corey E. Favert